Male Participation for Gender equality.

This is a significant programme implementing organization with the support of UNFPA & CHSJ New Delhi. Twenty villages from the Kaij block of Beed district are selected for this programme. The major concern of the programme is to achieve gender equality and to change attitude of the male by offering equal opportunity to the women and to reduce violence agent them. Also to improve female health standard by making available good health services.

Balghrha (Destitute Children’s Home)

Department of women & child welfare of Maharashtra state has sanctioned Balghrah (Destitute Children’s Home) for 100 students. Students are provided food, residential facility, and extra coaching classes. Priority is given to the girls, no parents, single parents, HIV positive, Disabled, BPL and Migrant family.

Child Line Project for Beed District.

Child line project began in 2011 in Beed district. Children in distress situation like sick, lonely, non guardian, sexually manipulated, child labourers, child delinquents etc. can dial 1098 toll free number to seek help. The nature of the help is to search parents, provide medical and legal help, and to make available orphan home for those who do not have parents. The target group for this programme is 0-18 year’s children who require security and safety. Area for this project is Beed city and its surroundings.

National Child Labour.

This project began in the month of June 2005 with the support of Central Social Board. Fifty children are given educational support to mainstreaming for the regular education. Food and shelter facilities are provided. The target groups of this programme are child labourers. Vocational training is also given to those children to be self reliant in their future.